Proud to announce the Taste of Freedom Cookbook pre-launch is almost here!
Join us to celebrate and meet Shandra Woworuntu, the founder of Mentari and survivors who participated in the TASTE OF FREEDOM creation on May 9th at the Unitarian Church of All Souls, New York City
6 – 9:00 PM 
Mentari was created with the vision to create awareness, empower human trafficking survivors, open a transitional house, and guide survivors to reintegrate back into society successfully and she is doing just that. 
Human trafficking has risen to become the world's second largest illegal trade worldwide and finding ways to inspire action takes creativity. As someone who is dedicated to bringing awareness to this issue, I supported Mentari through my photography. I want to inspire you to do the same. Supporting NGOs like Mentari USA, volunteering with a local organization working to fight this horrific crime and/or learning more about trafficking can save a life. Volunteer and/or donate; be a change maker today!
Many consider cooking for other as an expression of love, and many participants of the Mentari Culinary Arts program use cooking as a form of communication and to develop a strong familial bond with fellow survivors.  The ritual of preparing food to share with others can be a therapeutic way for survivors dealing with the trauma of their former lives.
For the survivors students in the Mentari Culinary Art program, learning to cook is unimportant step to their revery.  This important and universal skill empowers them to find stable and fairly paid work, crucial for living a life of newly gained indepenence.
This cookbook contains a myriad of recipes that stem from different cultures, from America- can classics to Shandra's own favorite Indonesian dishes.  Just as Mentari's program and services for survivors, this cookbook was a labor of love as every recipe was contributed by a survivor or supporter of Mentari.
Taste of Freedom Cookbook aims to create awareness about human trafficking through stories and shared recipes. The book weaves success stories of women, like Sharlena Powell, a Culinary Arts professional. Sharlena graduated from Mentari Culinary Art Program in 2017. She is currently contracted as a Culinary Educator with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, promoting fresh and local food in various NYC neighborhoods. She is also a 2017 Finalist of the American Entrepreneurship Award Competition. She believes that the programs developed by Mentari has given her the tools to succeed in her personal and professional life goals.